Historical information

This note book contains handwritten material by Ron Uebergang – notes on engineering drawings prepared for a class at Warrnambool Technical School 1919-1921. Ronald Uebergang (1903-1971) was the son of Ernest and Mary Uebergang. He attended Allansford State School and Warrnambool Technical School and spent his working life dairying and raising cattle on the family property, Hopkins Hill, at Allansford, about nine kilometres east of Warrnambool. He was mechanically minded, fond of music and dancing and a keen photographer.


These notes are of interest as they were compiled by Ron Uebergang when he was a student at Warrnambool Technical School 1919-21. The Uebergang families were pioneering settlers in the Allansford area and have been prominent farmers in the area from the 1850s on. The notes also are a good example of the work done by students at Warrnambool Technical School in the 1920s.

Physical description

This is a hand-made book of 22 pages with notes on engineering drawings by Ron Uebergang handwritten in black ink. There is tissue paper inserted between some of the pages. There are several drawings and equations in with the handwritten material. There is some silver fish damage on the front cover.

Inscriptions & markings

Front Cover: ‘R. Uebergang’
‘Note Book for Engineering Drawing Grade 3’