Historical information

A collection of 27 photographs and 2 brochures of Tourists buses used during the 1930's to 1950's on Phillip Island. Also some photographs of penguins and mutton birds. Donated by Terry Watchorn. In reference to 288-17. A post on Facebook relating to this photo in Feb 2019 by Gwyneth Myers said “ there are some wonderful Knights restored amongst the Willy’s Car Club members”

Physical description

29 Photographs and Brochures of Tourist Buses, penguins and mutton birds.
288-01. Photograph of Herb Watchorn, driver, outside the bus.
288-02. Photograph of a new Ford Bus 1938.
288-03. Photograph of Herb Watchorn with a Mutton Bird.
288-04. Photograph of a 1946 Ford Car, new sheds with cars and house in Cowes.
288-05. Photograph of Elizabeth, Mary, Patricia and Herbet Watchorn outside Cora Lynn Guest House.
288-06. Photograph of a Chev Tourist Bus outside the Isle of Wight Hotel in Cowes. April 1935. Herb Watchorn & another man.
288-07. Photograph of a Tourist bus and passengers with a Bullock Team passing by. 1936.
288-08. Photograph of the Phillip Island Tourist Bus - "EY" Ford - used on the Dandenong Run.
288-09. Photograph of three 1946 Ford Buses, an Indiana Bus and a Chev.
288-10. Photograph of a Chevrolet bus 1934.
288-11. Photograph of a Ford Bus 1953.
288-12. Photograph of Herb Watchorn and Willys Knight Car.
288-13. Photograph of five buses - Chev, Indiana & Ford Buses.
288-14. Photograph of a Chev bus and passengers on the San Remo-Newhaven Punt. 1934.
288-15. Photograph of Herb Watchorn with a penguin.
288-16. Photograph of Bern Denham with a penguin.
288-17. Photograph of Willy's Knight at The Nobbies and a group of people.
288-18. Photograph of Herb Watchorn, passengers and Hudson at The Nobbies.
288-19. Photograph of a Chev Bus and passengers in the Esplanade, Cowes ?
288-20. Photograph of Herb Watchorn with passengers outside a bus.
288-21. Photograph of Bern Denham with a penguin.
288-22. Photograph of a penguin with young.
288-23. Photograph of Bern Denham with a penguin.
288-24. Photograph of Willys-Knight Sedan Car Service Tours and Price List.
288-25. Photograph of Bern Denham with a mutton bird.
288-26. Photograph of 3 Ford, an Indiana and Chev Buses in Cowes.
288-27. Photograph of Herb Watchorn outside a Ford Bus in front of The Isle of Wight Hotel - Feb 1941.
288-28. Photograph of a Chev Tourist Bus - Phillip Island Tourist Service Cowes - at the Cowes Pier. 1947.
288-29. Photograph of the Cowes - Dandenong Road Service Brochure. A Koala on one side and map on the other.

Inscriptions & markings

All as above.