Historical information

The nested cup weights were designed to make the transport of weights, essential items in most commercial transactions, more convenient. This idea goes back to Roman times. In the nested cup form, a series of weights shaped into cups are set one into the other. Each cup fits precisely into the next, larger sized cup which each larger example weighing exactly twice that of the one previous. The Troy weight system was used for precious metals and gemstones.

Physical description

7 x Brass troy measures of various sizes.
Fine groove lines near top edge and bottom
2 x Copper sliding weights - domed

Inscriptions & markings

.1) 32 oz Troy around top
.2) 16 oz Troy around top
.3) VIII R around top. Maker's mark - lidded pot (coffee/tea?) with date 1826
.4) 8 oz around top
.5) 6 oz Troy around top
.6) 4 oz Troy
.7) 2 oz Troy
"WATERS" on top of sliders with "4" on under side