Historical information

The cap was swapped for a packet of " Dereske." cigarettes by Bill Theodore, PM2981 when he was on HMAS Vendetta. The cap was from a German POW who was being taken out of Tobruk on the Vendetta. William Anthony Theodore DSM, enlisted on 2.9.40 in the RAN. Served Seige of Tobruk, Greece, Crete, Matapan, Singapore, Pacific Islands, New Guinea to the Phillipines. The Vendetta made some 39 runs into Tobruk Harbour during the Seige. In Oct 41 so many Bombs were dropped around Vendetta that her Boilers and Engines shifted on their mountings and was ordered to Singapore for repairs. After this Bill served on HMAS Arunta and was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for Gallantry, skill and devotion during the assault operations at Lingayen Gulf.Discharged from the Navy on 21.11.45.

Physical description

German cap, green cotton, on the front is a "German Eagle." light blue, under is a diamond shaped brown with a blue, white & red circle centre, inside is red lined.

Inscriptions & markings

Berlin No 55558KB