Historical information

Adelaide had been displayed in the Hopwood Gardens from 1960. In 1984 The City of Echuca decided to put the paddle steamer back in the river. This happened over several weeks and involved digging a boat ramp into the bank in front of the Hopwood Gardens. This involved a lot of skill and people. It also attracted a lot of attention. Crowds gathered every day to watch the task. In this photograph the P.S Pevensey in the foreground still has the name P.S Philadelphia writing on its name plate. The P.S Pevensey was used in the TV Series 'All The Rivers Run', as the P.S Philadelphia. Relates to a series of images Reg. nos. P000059.3, P000061.3, P000062.2, P000063.3, P000070.2, P000071.


Statement of Significance
The re-floating of the P.S Adelaide is significant because it occurred at a time when the Tourist Industry was gathering momentum in Echuca. The City of Echuca made the decision to add another paddle steamer to its fleet to carry passengers on the Murray River. The P.S Adelaide is one of the oldest, still operative wooden hulled paddle steamers in the world. It celebrated it's 150th birthday in July 2016. The re-floating of the P.S Adelaide created a lot of attention locally and regionally.

Physical description

A colour negative, photograph and enlargement of the re-launching of the P.S Adelaide in 1984. In the photograph the P.S Adelaide is situated in the river after just being launched down the slipway from Hopwood Gardens. There is a crowd of people standing on the bank behind the paddle steamer, bathed in late afternoon sunlight.

Inscriptions & markings

The paddle steamer has the word Adelaide written across the wheelhouse, and on the front port side of it's hull.