Historical information

This book, edited by Donald MacLeod, was given in 1883 as a prize to Annie Egerton by the Rev. W.H. Scott for Bible Knowledge. Annie Egerton was a pupil at the Allansford State School. John Jones was the Head Master at this school from 1867 to 1891. The school was opened in December 1856 as a National School and is still operating. No other details concerning Annie Egerton have been found.


This book is of importance as it is a 19th century book given as a prize to a pupil of the Allansford School in 1883 for her Bible knowledge. It is particularly interesting that a prize for religious knowledge was given in the 1880s to a pupil at a secular State School. It is also interesting to note the type of book given to a primary school girl in the 19th century – a book with strong moral overtones and some heavy instructional articles.

Physical description

This is a hard cover book of 836 pages. It has a dark green and black cover patterned with an ornamental pattern and gold lettering contained within a square box on both the cover and the spine. The inside front and back pages have a mottled green flower pattern. The edges of the pages have a gilt finish. The book has a bookplate on the inside cover and the book contains an Index of Contents, short stories, articles on various topics and an Index of Authors. There are many black and white illustrations and sketches throughout the text. The first illustration has a piece of tissue paper in front of it. The cover is a little frayed at the edges and somewhat blotched.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Allansford State School No.3, 1st Prize given by the Rev. W. H. Scott awarded to Annie Egerton, Bible Class, Senior Division, for Bible Knowledge, 21st December 1883, J.E. Jones Head Teacher’.