Historical information

This book was given in 1886 as a prize to Annie Egerton from Allansford State School. The prize was for recitation. Allansford State School No. 3 was opened in 1856 as a National School and is still operating. Allansford is about ten kilometres from the Warrnambool city area and most of it today is within the boundaries of the City of Warrnambool. John Jones was the Head Master of the school from 1867 to 1891. No details have been found on Annie Egerton or her family


This book is of interest because it concerns 19th century Allansford State School, Head Master John Jones and pupil Annie Egerton. It is also a book of antiquarian interest.

Physical description

This is a hard cover book of 436 pages. It has a green cover with gold and black ornamentation and black and green lettering. The pages are edged with gold colouring. The book has 36 chapters telling the story of the merchant, James Meetwell and some pages at the back giving details of other books available from the publishers, Ward, Lock & Co. The cover is somewhat soiled. There is an inscription inside the front cover with handwriting in black ink and the word ‘Reciting’ written in pencil on the second page.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Allansford S. School, 3, Presented to A. Egerton for Reciting, 19-4-86, J.E.Jones, teacher’