Historical information

Sir William St Clair founded Rosslyn Chapel in 1446. It is located south of Edinburgh, Scotland. St Clair hoped to spread intellectual and spiritual knowledge and to ensure his place in Heaven. Rosslyn Chapel is a fine example of stonemason's work. It has many atropaic marks and mason's marks with other symbolism adorning it's structure as well. Excavations in the 1800s uncovered further foundations and building but Sir William died and the larger building was never completed. The village of Roslin (differing spelling) grew up around the estate and chapel due to the large number of craftsmen who helped build it over a 40 year period. William St Clair was the 3rd Prince of Orkney. He died in 1484. His name and the names of his descendants are linked to the beginnings of freemasonry in Scotland. Sir William Sinclair of Rosslyn was granted charters from the Masons of Scotland in 1630.The author Dan Brown who published the Da Vinci Code in 2003 is responsible for the upsurge in interest and visitors at the centre. The Visitor's centre was officially opened in 2012.

Physical description

Colour photographs showing Rosslyn Chapel.