Historical information

The C grade premiers of the V.G.B.B.A in 1927, no team name is given.


The team photo does not have a team name, and the V.G.B.B.A may possibly be an acronym for Victorian Girls Basket Ball Association, just as the V.W.B.B.A is the Victorian Women's Basket Ball Association. Myrtle McLeod (nee Robinson) is in the team photo, she goes on to become a significant player in the 1930s in the Victorian state teams.

Physical description

Team photo of the 1927 C Grade Premiers of the V.G.B.B.A, no team name is given.

Inscriptions & markings

Back Row: - J. Collister, I.O'halloran, F. Belcher, A. Minto, J. Goding, M. Robinson
Front Row: - E. Gardner, N. Thorp, C. Hildebrand
MR. H. D. Taylor
Burlington, Melb.