Historical information

Uniform items issued to Quentin Clifford BINKS, V245016 & VX114178 2nd AIF. Refer Cat No 1835 for his service history.

Physical description

.1) Jacket, Service Dress, khaki, summer with 2 x Australia shoulder badges, 2 x Rising Sun lapel badges, 4 x Lieut rank badges ( 2 on each shoulder), 2 x WW2 Service Ribbons, 2 x blue Service Chevrons on right sleeve, metal buttons, 4 pockets.
.2) Trousers, Service Dress, khaki, summer, 3 pockets.
.3) Shirt, polyester, khaki, long sleeves.
.4) Tie, cotton, khaki.
.5) Belt, Sam Brown, brown leather, waist and shoulder belts.
.6) Braces, clear plastic.

Inscriptions & markings

.1) “Wardrop, My Tailor of Melbourne, Collingwood and Geelong for all men’s wear”
.2) “Wardrop of Melbourne, Collingwood and Geelong, approved Military Tailors” Under in ink “Lieut Binks Dec 1942”
.3) “ADF 1989”