Historical information

This booklet (fourth edition) was written in Warrnambool in 1910 by William Britton Harvey. The book has the sub-title ‘A Study in Nature and Character – Being a Quiet Talk to an Imaginary Audience of Young Men and Young Women’. Born in Britain, William Britton Harvey was the Editor of the Warrnambool Standard newspaper from 1905 to 1919. It was he who initiated in Warrnambool the scheme known as the Annual Hospital Egg Appeal, a community activity that was later adopted by most hospitals in Australia. William Britton Harvey wrote other small books of a similar nature to ‘Human Pearls in a Beautiful Setting’.


This book is important because it was written in Warrnambool in 1910 by William Britton Harvey – a prominent person in Warrnambool at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a good example of the type of didactic book written 100 years ago with the purpose of encouraging high moral conduct in the youth of the day.

Physical description

This is a small soft cover booklet of 32 pages. The cover is cream with a woven pattern and the lettering on the front cover is gold. The cover has one gold line separating the name of the book from that of the author and the letter ‘H’ has an ornamental border. The cover overlaps the pages. The pages are a cream colour with blue printing. There are six black and white illustrations. The cover is torn at the edges and there is some silverfish damage on the back cover. The book has been bound with one metal staple and tied with green string. The staple has been removed.