Historical information

The paddle steamer P. S Pevensy appears to still be a working steamer in this photograph. The boat seems a bit dishevelled and the workers are doing repairs on her, while she is still steaming up the river. If this photograph was taken in 1950, that would have been well before the development of the Tourism Industry in the Murray Darling area. This would explain the number of workers and the fact that they were doing maintenance while the Paddle Steamer was still working. She does not appear to be towing a barge, but a large tarpaulin could be covering a load for transport.


This picture holds significance because it shows a paddle steamer in use before the Tourism Industry had developed in the Murray Darling region. The paddle steamer which now carries passengers every day has been renovated to cater for passengers cruising up and down the river. Here is this photograph the P.S Pevensy looks a bit dishevelled and untidy.

Physical description

This is a black and white rectangular photograph of the P.S Pevensey. Four people can be seen painting the wall of the cabins on the upper deck. A person can also be seen kneeling on the back deck working on something lying on the back deck. A wooden boat is nearby, also on the back deck. The boat is steaming and appears to be moving upstream. There is along pole at a 45 degree angle attached to the very front of the paddle steamer.

Inscriptions & markings

On the front of the photograph written on the paddle steamer can't be seen the words "PEVENSEY. Melbourne." Written on the back of the photograph in lead pencil " M4414-17. K4".