Historical information

The register lists names and attendances of trade classes at the Ballarat School of Mines.

Physical description

Light blue hard cover with red taped spine Education Department Victoria Technical Schools Register of attendances for the year 1983 in the subject of Carpentry and joinery.

Students in the Subject 'Hobby Woodwork' include Pam Fisher, Mora Purcell, John Simpson, Rudy Panozza, Ann Sutherland, Pam Burke, Lucy Callaghan, Monica Maud.

Students in the subject 'Building Graphics' include Joseph Antonelli, Kevin Murphy, Stephen Pollock, Paul Scholz.

Students in the subject 'Transition' include Barry Angee, Paul Bailey, David Jebb, Wayne Empson, Dennis Kied

Students in the subject 'Carpentry and Joinery' are Chris Murphy, Andrew Nicol, Rae Bradley, Glenn Wilcox, Darren James, Peter Jacobson.

Students in the subject 'Transition Carpentry' include Victor Cvirn, Paul Martin, Jeff Males, Michael Smith

Record closed.