Historical information

Henry Thomas Ridge initially enlisted in September 1934 No V57996, 8th Australian Infantry Battalion CMF. He rose to Sergeant then qualified as a Lieutenant on 8.10.41. He was stationed in Darwin during the bombing 19th Feb 1941. He was discharged and the re enlisted as VX148845 AIF on 9.3.44. He served overseas and was discharged 29.7.46 in 8MD Papua. Refer 473P

Physical description

.1) Pay book No 257028, brown covers re H.T Ridge. .2) Drivers Licence No 214206, Army issue, brown fabric covers, folds in three re H.T. Ridge Lieut. .3) Drivers Licence No 592440,civilian, yellowish paper, red, blue, black writing re H.T. Ridge. Feb 29-1941. .4) Army "Final Statement account," form W.F.88 re VX149945 Ridge HT, 20.10.44. Paper, black and white, stamped 21 october 1944. .5) Typed note re Lieut H. Ridge, yellowed paper dated 10.3.44, red lettering at top of page " CUTSA New South Wales". .6) Letter, dated 2.5.1942 to Mrs E. Ridge re H. Ridge "Seriously ill with appendicectomy.", letter yellowed. .7) Cardboard , yellowed, typed and hand written re brief description V57996 and VX148845 H.T. Ridge, military and medical history. .8) Telegram Re " V57996 H.T. Ridge seriously ill 30th April." Double sided, front Blue with message, rear red, stamped 1 May 1942. .9) Telegram re " V57996 H.T Ridge removed from ill list 7th May 1942, double sided, front blue with message, rear red, stamped 18th may 1942. .10) Pay book No 195734, yellow covers re H.T Ridge.