Historical information

This ice-cream freezer was used by Ruth Gore's mother to make ice-cream for the ---- family. Ice-cream mixture was beaten and placed in the inner cylinder; ice and salt were placed in the surrounding outer cylinder. When the ice-cream was partially frozen it was removed from the container and beaten a second time before being replaced in the container to set. (other info -check with Ruth -where lived, mother's name, when used, how often, etc)


Ice-cream a rarity in 1930s? Ice chests, fridges not common until post WWII?

Physical description

Tin-plated double-walled iron barrel painted blue with item name stencilled in dark blue on the outside. The barrel is open top and bottom with a tinned lid on the base; the top lid is missing. The space between the wall and inner cylinder is for ice, the tinned inner cylinder for ice-cream

Inscriptions & markings

The Frigid