Historical information

These hand painted bowls were the work of Ethel Mary Ellen Hose who married Albert Ernest Uebergang in 1917, who was an uncle of Ray and Joyce Uebergang. After leaving the family farm at Cudgee the couple moved to Surrey Hills in Melbourne. [Ref: p.228 The Uebergang Families in Australia] The donor, Heather Mclean, daughter of Charles Henry Uebergang, is a cousin of Ray and Joyce Uebergang.
A visitor to the museum in March 2018 advised that the bowl with no 'U' was a replacement piece. It is unsigned and undated.


This fruit set indicates the work of amateur china painters and is in pristine condition.

Physical description

Black hand-painted fruit set consisting of a large bowl and six small bowls. Each bowl has an individual fruit design and a gold-painted letter 'U' except one small bowl which only has the fruit design. The bowls have a gold rim.

Inscriptions & markings

[on base] E M Uebergang/ 8/5/1923
[except for bowl with no 'U']