Historical information

The Ballarat School of Mines is a predecessor institution of Federation University Australia.

Physical description

Bound copies of the Ballarat School or Mines Students' Magazine.

* Dr J.R. Pound
* Noel Hay Obituary
* The History of Chemistry
* Literary Society
* Herald B. Herbert
* Chemistry in Modern Life by Val G. Anderson
* Chemistry in Literature by J.R. Pound
* School Literary Society
* Ladies in Pharmacy
* Musings on Modern Literature - Mainly Drama (W.G. C.)
* Trip to Newcastle
* Appreciation of the Masterpieces of Art
* The Antique Room
* Dressmaking
* Pottery
* Sloyd
* The Mystery of the Atom
*Inorganic Evolution by R.S. Russell
* Photography
* First Aid Club

* The Trip to Morwell
* Chemical Excursions (Yallourn)
* Eastern Life and Customs by Rex Warrillow
* Organic Evolution by Edwin A. Brophy
* Chemistry in the Kitchen
* Obituary for Professor Alfred Mica Smith
* The Historical Development of Patterns i Silk Fabrics
* Pottery
* Literary Society
* Early Evidence of Metallurgy in Britain
* Brief Description of the Magnet Silver Mine, Tasmania
* The manufacture of Leather
* SMB Athletics Team, winners of the Herald Shield (M. Timmings, L. Evans, F. Sheahan, R. Collins, A. Murfett, W. Hughes, L. Hillman
* SMB Football Team
* Ballarat Technical Art School Tennis Four
* SMB Girls' Basketball Team
* SMB GIrls Hockey Team
* Ballarat Junior Technical School Scholarship and Studentship Winners
* On Punctuation

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* Chemists Trip to Melbourne (Mount Lyell Chemical Works, Footscray, Yarraville
* Literary Society
* Mr J.N. Rowell

* Prohibition in U.S.A. by Ed A. Brophy
* Dr. J.W. Mellor and His Work at Stoke, England by Reginald C. Callister
* The Science of Chemistry by C.A. Schache
* Trip to Yallourn (Brown Coal Deposits, Steam Plant at Yallourn, Switchgear and Transformers, Briquette Factory
* Walhalla Past and Present by G.E.B.
* The Hand Loom
* Precious Stones

* The Old Brewery
* The History of Chemistry by J.R. Pound
* Occurrence of Mineral Oil in Gippsland
* Experiences with Malayan Chinese by R. Warrillow
* Organise Colors (Dyestuff Pigments) in Rubber Goods

* News from Chine by Henry Kum Yuen
* L'Art Moderne
* The Story of Clay by T.H. Trengrove
* A Glimpse of England
* The Beginnings of Arithmetic