Historical information

0-6-2 Tank Locomotive No.1 "Delta"
Gauge 2'0"

Identification: 1 Delta
Type: 0-6-2T
Builder: Perry Engineering, Mile End, South Australia
Builder's number: Perry 7967.50.4 of 1950
Building date: 1950
Current status - Static Exhibit
Wheel Arrangement 0-6-2T
Cylinders (Diameter X Stroke) 10 inches X 18 inches
Boiler Pressure 180 psi
Driving Wheel (Dia.) 28 ½ inches
Weight 16 tons
Coal Capacity 27 cubic feet
Water Capacity 500 gallons

The Perry Engineering Co, Mile End, South Australia built a total of 18 locomotives for the 2’0” gauge tramways used by the sugar industry in Queensland.

This 0-6-2T locomotive was built by Perry Engineering Co. Ltd. of Mile End, Adelaide as their Builder's No. 7967.50.4 of 1950.
It was used at Qanaba Mill, Bundaberg where it was known as No.1 "Delta". / Qanaba Mill No.1

No. 1 “DELTA”
Gauge: 2 foot

Built by Perry Engineering Company of South Australia in 1950 (Builder’s number 7967.50.4),
“DELTA” is a medium sized Australian designed locomotive featuring Walschaert’s valve gear driving piston valves.

Weighing 16 tons (16.3 tonnes) it was one of the post-war narrow gauge steam locomotives,
which worked in the canefields of Queensland until 1978.

“DELTA” worked at various sugar mills in the Bundaberg area and was finally withdrawn from service at Quanba Mill after a life of 28 years.
Obtained by the Puffing Billy Preservation Society in 1981.

Delivered to Australian Estates Co., Kalamia Mill named DELTA in 1950.
Purchased by Fairymead Mill as No 20 DELTA.
Purchased by Millaquin Sugar for Qanaba Mill as No. 1 DELTA, 1970
Withdrawn from service, 1978.
Obtained by Puffing Billy Preservation Society for display at the Puffing Billy Museum.


Historic - Industrial Narrow Gauge Railway - Steam Locomotive used in Queensland in Sugar Mill service.

Physical description

Locomotive No.1 "Delta" - Steam Locomotive - made of steel, and wrought iron

Inscriptions & markings