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861 John Benn Locomotive - in active service - Emerald Station Built in 1886 by Société Anonyme Usines Métallurgiques du Hainaut - Locomotives Couillet for the West Melbourne site of the Metropolitan Gas Company, as a four-wheel tank locomotive similar to 986 and named “John Benn”. The West Melbourne gas works sourced its coal from Maitland, New South Wales, and the coal was brought by ship to a wharf adjacent to the West Melbourne gas plant. John Benn and Carbon were used to haul the coal over a 762 mm (2 ft 6 in) gauge railway from the wharf to the gasworks, a distance of about 450 metres (500 yards). It was withdrawn from service in the 1930s and stored until sold privately in 1962. It was rebuilt by its new owners in the style of an American locomotive of the 1880s and was used for some years at Walhalla. It currently has the name “J.C. Rees” and is used in active service for the 861 Footplate Experience. Wheels: 2-4-2ST Builder: Couillet Build Date: 1886 Construction No.: 861 Empty Weight: Unknown Weight on Drivers: Unknown Driver Diameter: Unknown Tractive Effort: Unknown Boiler Pressure: Unknown Cylinders: Unknown Fuel: Coal Gauge: 30 inches


Historic - Industrial railways - Metropolitan Gas Company Ltd, Melbourne Steam Locomotive

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Decauville Steam Locomotive

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861 John Rees