Historical information

Station Sign - Puffing Billy Direction Trains
At Menzies Creek, a Puffing Billy train has had to pass another train since 1966, due to a single line in operation from Belgrave or Emerald / Lakeside / Cockatoo / Gembrook to enable more trains to operate.
When two trains passed at Menzies Creek, to assist passengers to travel on the correct train, this sign was erected. The arrows pointed towards the direction of travel as well as the locomotive that was hauling the train.
This sign dates from 1975 when the line was re-opened to Lakeside.


Historic - Puffing Billy Railway - Station Sign used at Menzies Creek to show next station direction

Physical description

Station Sign - Puffing Billy Direction Trains to Belgrave - Emerald & Lakeside
Large rectangle wooden sign

Inscriptions & markings

Puffing Billy
Trains to BELGRAVE
Trains to EMERALD &