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Ballarat Station Parcels Office Clock

From the Collection of Puffing Billy Railway School Rd Menzies Creek Victoria

Station Clock - Ballarat Station Parcels Office Clock

Antique timber cased railway clock.
Circular face with Roman numerals. By Foster of London, with numbered brass plaque '631'.
Single barrel fusee movement.
Diameter : 1' 3 3/8" ( 390 mm )
Object Registration
puffing billy, ballarat station, station clock
Historical information
This historic railway clock , originally installed in the Parcels Office at Ballarat Station

Station Clock - Ballarat Station
A Victorian Railways Station clock that was located in the Parcels Office at Ballarat.
In the 19th Century, time was not seen as an urgent requirement to be somewhere or do something. There was sun up and sun down. A number of towns in Victoria operated on different times to other towns in the state.

With the coming of the railways in Victoria from 1854, time became more important not only from the public side, but from a railway operational safety side. Clocks started appearing at railway stations, sometimes showing a different (standard) time to that of the local town. Eventually all of Victoria was bought into the same time zone, which matched the railway standard.

Made By
Foster (Maker)
Historic - Station Clock - Ballarat Station - which was used in the Parcels Office at the Victorian Railways Ballarat railway station
Inscriptions & Markings
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27 May 2020 at 8:20PM