Historical information

These leather soled shoes were used by railway workers undertaking work on overhead electrical cables and HV boxes. Known as "slippers" they were provided just inside explosives vans and worn to stop metal protectors on shoes scraping across metal floor and possibly causing a spark and a explosion.

info from Syd Coles : on Explosives Slippers
Beaufort station used to get a explosive wagon with drums of gelignite regularly slipper type shoes were in a little box built into the inside wall of the wagon....A Special powdervan key was sent from H/OFFICE as a VALUE which each person handling it had to sign for it.....It would arrive on the early down Passenger Train ex Melbourne...then the "P" wagon was unloaded....Prior to the wagon leaving a Railway Internal telegram was sent to the SM @Beaufort giving the wagon number...consignee (owners of dynamite) contents and the KEY number which would be sent....When all unloaded the KEY sent back as a VALUE...a Internal telegram sent as to KEY number and train it was despatched on....fair bit of security.but couldn't afford to lose a KEY as they fitted all the LOCKS used on the EXPLOSIVE "P" wagons whatever Stations they went to.


Historic - Victorian Railways - leather soled shoes

Physical description

Leather soled slip-on shoes, with single strap across bridge of foot and featuring stitchwork along edges.

Inscriptions & markings

VR & arrow symbol