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Motor Spirit Highly Inflammable Transporting Tin Container

"Motor Spirit" is just another name for petrol.
"K" and the "KS" Kasey Trolleys were two stroke petrol motors

Operation, Care and Maintenance of Track Motors
Victorian Railways, 1959
gives the following :
Inspection motor type B, - straight petrol
Inspection motor type V, - pre-mixed petrol
Motorised tricycle type M.T., - pre-mixed petrol
Gang motor type K.S., - pre-mixed petrol
Gang motor type K - pre-mixed petrol

Motor cars altered for rail uses (Wiki)
Petrol Inspection Car
This was a small car numbered '1' and named the Inspection Car. It was built in England in 1923, but was not found in the 1936 stocktake.

Gang Motor
The eight-horsepower Gang Motor held five people, and was built at Arden Street in late 1923. In 1950 the vehicle was removed from the rolling stock register and given to "Way and Works" as a track motor.

Motor Car
The Motor Car was put into service in mid 1925, after being fitted with rail wheels in lieu of tyres. In 1927 the car was named "Mr Molomby's Inspection Car", and allocated to Seymour. It was scrapped in 1952.

Dodge Cars
There were seven Dodge cars in rail service. The cars were numbered 1 to 6, with car 7 listed "No 7 Repair". The cars were built by the Dodge Company of Melbourne and assembled at Newport. Construction was in 1925 and they lasted until 1949.


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Physical description

Motor Spirit Highly Inflamable Transporting Tin Container made of tin

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Motor Spirit Highly Inflamable