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Bender - Light Rail

From the Collection of Puffing Billy Railway School Rd Menzies Creek Victoria

Light Rail Bender made out of cast wrought iron
Length Overall: 2' 5 15/16" ( 760 mm ) Width: 0' 3 15/16" ( 100 mm ) Height: 2' 6 11/16" ( 780 mm )
Object Registration
puffing billy, light rail bender
Historical information
Light Rail Bender

Most rails are produced straight. While they to easily bend and appear flexible, they are required to bend for some curves, at rail joins on curves and at point (turn-out) junctions.

For a safe transition around curves and in the finer areas of the point, this use to be done with a manual rail bender.

Sometimes referred to as a Buddah, the rail bender attaches its two claws to the rail. In the middle of the two claws is a screw that is slowly tightened using a crow-bar to bend the rail.

Tightening the screw too fast or too tightly may not give the structure of the rail time to redistribute and the rail may break if not done properly.
Historic - Railways Permanent Way and Works - track equipment - Light Rail Bender
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