Historical information

Railway Platform Barrier Crowd control on railway platforms was a necessity during peak times. At times it may have been necessary to direct passengers to a certain exit or from a certain entrance on a railway platform. Where able, on occasions, two trains may have to use the one platform to ensure trains depart efficiently. To ensure the public entrain on the correct train it could be necessary to divide the platform by using a platform barrier. The barriers made of wood and steel were easily moved by platform staff and provided a substantial barrier on the railway platform.


Historic - Victorian Railways - Railway Platform Barrier

Physical description

Railway platform Barrier made of timber and steel

Inscriptions & markings

Length Overall: 7' 6 9/16" ( 2300 mm ) Width: 2' 5 15/16" ( 760 mm ) Height: 4' 1 5/8" ( 1260 mm )