Historical information

The Mt Beauty tennis club was formed in the late 1940's. The number of players has varied as has the number and type of courts.


Mt Beauty Tennis Club has been a part of Mt Beauty for many years involving many people. The history of the club identifies local people and the changes in the town and district regarding the popularity of tennis and tennis equipment.

Physical description

Paper records for the Mt Beauty Tennis Club. Minute book 1977 - 1983, 1983 - 1985, 1983 - 1990, 1991 -1999. Treasurer's book 1987 - 1996. Book tennis Competitions 1991, 1992, 1993, Rules and loose papers 1980's - 2006 and 3 types of cards
Dinner Dance at the Workmen's Club, Picnic Cabaret at the Community Centre, and 1983 Tennis Club ball at Community Centre