Historical information

The settlement of Parramatta is one of the earliest inland settlements in Australia being settled in November 1788 just months after the arrival of the First Fleet to Sydney. Originally named Rose Hill it was given the name Parramatta which closely approximated the original Aboriginal name for the area. Being within a reasonable distance to the settlement of Sydney and in an area of fertile soil, it soon became a successful farming region. It was proclaimed a city in 1938. This plate possibly belongs to either the commemoration of 100 or 150 years of settlement of the area, although the stamp on the plate is the same drawing as that on the official invitation for 1938


While this plate has no local historical links , it does have significance belonging to one of the earliest settlements in Australia.

Physical description

White oval plate with fluted edge with gold on rim. Small orange stamp on one edge.

Inscriptions & markings

Parramatta 2 Nov 1788 on one edge of plate. Stamp on back: Grimwades Staffordshire England Upper Hanley Pottery. Semi porcelain