Historical information

Dana Street State School was one of the earliest primary schools in Ballarat and was established in 1857.

Physical description

Timber honour board in the entrance foyer of Dana Street Primary School. names include:

L.J. Curnow, W. Daly, M. Dixon, S.E.A. Dean, O.T. Dell, R. Eva, F. Eggington, S.P. Eddy, C. Frost, A.W. Fitzgerald, L.G. Fitzgerald, F. Feary, S. Fox, C.H. Falla, C.E. Fa;;a. H.C. Foote, J. Hammond. F.J. Harris. F.E. Hillman, J. Hunter, R.A. Hind, R.V. Horsfall, R.G. Hutson. H. Jones, R. Jamieson, C. Kerr, C.R. Kift, P. Kraiscill, A. Lancaster, C.W. Lee, I.T. Lilburn. R.E.N. Murphy, H. marks, H.H. Martell, P.W.G. Moon. G.P. Merz, A. McGoldrick, W.E. Moon, C.R. Ince, W.J. Peacock, W. Pollard, N. Pinney. C. Pike, J.R. Doney, A.R. Doney, R.E. Rowlands, A.E. Rowlands, L. Rowlands, C. Snell, R. Snell, J. Snell, W. Wilberforce, N.F. Wellington, H. Williams, E. Wallace, S. Wallace, H.S. Yates, A. Yates, T.E. Yates,