Historical information

A collection of photographs/postcards sent to the Phillip Island & District Genealogical Society by Chick Walker, the Vice President of the Benalla Family Research Group. The Genealogical Society passed them onto our Society.

Physical description

Nine Black & White photographs & postcard taken around Phillip Island.
359-01: Waves breaking over rocks possibly near The Nobbies.
359-02: The Nobbies.
359-03: Thompson Avenue, Cowes with cars infront of the shops.
359-04: Penguins returning at dusk after fishing out in the sea.
359-05: Seals on Seal Rocks.
359-06: Looking from the water at the Cowes Pier and Isle of Wight Hotel in the background.
359-07: The Cowes Pier.
359-08: People on the rocks at The Blowhole and Seal Rocks in the distance.
359-09: Two penguin chicks.

Inscriptions & markings

359-01: Murray Views No. 43. "The Lion" Breaker Cowes Phillip Island Vic.
359-02: Murray Views No. 17. The Nobbies & Breakers Phillip Island.
359-03: Murray Views No. 11. Thompson Avenue, Cowes, Vic.
359-04: Murray Views No. 41. Penguins Cowes Phillip Island.
359-05: Murray Views No. 26. Seal Rocks Cowes Phillip Island Vic.
359-06: Murray Views No. 14. The Pier & Isle of Wight Hotel Cowes Vic.
359-07: Murray Views No. 3. The Pier Cowes Phillip Island Vic.
359-08: Murray Views No. 12. Blow Hole and Seal Rocks, Cowes, Vic.
359-09: Photo Shop Series. Penguin Chicks Phillip Island.