Physical description

An image of W.H. Wooster with telescope, and a page copy of his handwritten notes outlining his achievements.

Inscriptions & markings

Grandpa has lectured scores of times in the Sch. of Mines, sometimes for one of the Professors who was ill. Also Lectured in the City Fire Brigade, Ballarat E Fire Brigade, Barkley St Wesn chap., Lydiard St. Wes. Chapl, St Peter's Church of England, Mt Pleasant Wes. Chapl., Baptist Church; & many other places.
Preached i the Neil St. Wes. Chapels at Brown Hill, the Gong, Ltl Bendigo, Golden Point, Macarthur St., Mnt Pleasant, the Bible Christian Chppl., and many others.
Too photos of most of the places shown in these "Ballarat Views", and many others.
And laid the Foundation of the fine Municipal Observatory, in a long series of "Astronomical" and other "Scientific Notes", published in the Ballarat Courier and Ballarat Star, & occasionally in another Newspaper, which roused much public interest in Astronomy. The present official astronomer, Mr John Brittain, is my pupil in Astronomy and Microscopy, and calls me his Father in Science.
W.H. Wooster."