Physical description

1957 - Art Lending Library, Neville Bunning, Dana Street Primary School - The Original Ballarat Junior Technical School, ATC, Flight Cadets; Ballarat Junior Girls' Technical School, Ballarat North Junior Technical School, Roll Call

1960 - Ballarat School of MNes Literary Sociaty, begonia parade, Efficient reading, enter the modern, Lois Morris, sheetmetal, G. Cornell Obituary, I. Menz Obituary, metallurgists' Society, Olympic games

1961- Red, black and white soft covered magazine of the Ballarat School of Mines
Information outlined in the magazine includes:
The Richard W. Richards Medal, Philips Electrical Industries scholarship, A.F. Heseltine scholarship, Hong Kong To-Day (by Daniel Yung), A Treatise on Mount Morgan, Bath Push, The Stud Room, A Gentlemen's Excursion to Beaufort House, Electrical Laboratory, Metallurgical Laboratory, The Australian Aboriginal in Modern Civilization (J. Kavanagh) , The history of Electricity