Historical information

This book of hymns belonged either to the Warrnambool Chinese Church or to its catechist, Thomas Wong Cheong. The Chinese Church in Ryot Street, Warrnambool was established under the aegis of the Presbyterian Church in the 1890s and continued on until the late 1920s when the local Chinese community numbers had dwindled. Thomas Wong Cheong was appointed in 1892 as a catechist to the Chinese community in Warrnambool and district by the Foreign Missions Committee of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria. He and his wife worked tirelessly on the district until his death in 1923.


This book is of great interest as an example of the hymn books used in the Chinese Church in Warrnambool at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries. The Chinese Church in Ryot Street and its catechist Thomas Wong Cheong are of considerable historical interest.

Physical description

This is a soft cover book with a black cover. The spine has become completely detached and has been re-stitched with thread. The pages have ruled black lines with the text printed in Chinese characters within these lines. What is probably the front page has a yellow-coloured page with large Chinese characters. The back page has two inserted pages containing the English index to the gospel hymns, Parts 1 to 4. The material on the cover is torn and frayed at the edges. The pages are dog-eared.