Historical information

This book has been used by children of the Giles family at the Wangoom State School. William and Allan Giles were members of the Giles family that lived on the Allansford Road. Wangoom School, no. 645 was opened in 1865 on the Warrnambool/Wangoom Road as Wangoom Common School. It became Wangoom State School after 1872 and is now closed.


This book is of interest as an example of the reading books used by children in Victoria late in the 19th century. The book contains stories about England and the British Empire but has no Australian content. The book is also of interest as it was used by children of the Giles family, early settlers in the Warrnambool district.

Physical description

This is a hard cover book of 190 pages. The cover, once blue but now very faded, had embossed lettering and ornamentation on the front cover but these are now almost indecipherable. The book has come apart from the spine and has been re-stitched with white thread. There is much scribble on the first and last pages with the decipherable inscriptions being handwritten in black ink and pencil. There is a blue stamp of the Warrnambool and District Historical Society on the first page. The text has many black and white illustrations with some coloured in by the users. Many of the text pages are torn, stained and scribbled on.

Inscriptions & markings

‘William E. Giles, State (ed. word missing) Wangoom’
‘Allan Giles’