Historical information

This school text book has been used at the Wangoom State School in the late 19th century by Henrietta Giles. The Wangoom school was established in 1865 as the Wangoom Common School No. 645 and later became the Wangoom State School. It is now closed. Henrietta Giles was a member of the Giles family that lived on the Allansford Road.


This book is of interest as an example of the school texts used by children in Victoria late in the 19th century. It contains the history of Britain in Tudor and Stewart times and has no Australian content. The book is also of interest as it was used by Henrietta Giles, a member of the family that settled early in the Warrnambool district.

Physical description

This is a hard cover book of 331 pages plus some supplementary material at the end. The cover (once blue?) is much stained and torn and the embossed black lettering and British Coat of Arms on the front cover and the spine are now almost indecipherable. Part of the back cover and the bottom edges of some pages have been eaten away. The inscription is handwritten in red ink. The text contains many illustrations, some of which have been hand-coloured. The first two or three pages are missing.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Henrietta Giles, Wangoom S.S. No. 645, 22/7/91’