Historical information

This book belonged to Fletcher Jones and was later part of the library at the Fletcher Jones Factory Complex in Warrnambool. Fletcher Jones was a prominent Warrnambool businessman who established a men’s clothing shop in Warrnambool in the 1920s and a factory in Warrnambool in the 1940s. He extended this business Australia-wide and later included women’s clothing. He was noted for his philanthropy and for his interest in co-operative management and the participation of staff in the ownership of the business.


This book is significant because it reflects the personal philosophies of Fletcher Jones who was a prominent Warrnambool businessman who advocated the participation of staff in the ownership of businesses. The Fletcher Jones business was important in Australia for over 50 years and played a key part in the economic development of Warrnambool in the second half of the 20th century as the city’s largest manufacturing business. Fletcher Jones was a significant person in Warrnambool in the 20th century.

Physical description

This is a hard cover book of 114 pages. It has nine chapters and a bibliography. The cover is red with gold and black lettering and part of the title embedded into the cover. There is a stamp of the Fletcher Jones business and an embossed one of Fletcher Jones’ home address. There is also evidence of library use. The inscription is handwritten in black ink.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Fletcher Jones & Staff Pty Ltd’ ‘Fletcher Jones, 2/7/44’ ‘Fletcher Jones, Raloda, 72 Jamieson St. Warrnambool’