Historical information

The item was created by Bouwens and van Kampen, a ceramics business founded in Bussum by Greta Klaar. Greta married her pupil Johannes Bouwens in Amsterdam during the war. The couple then moved to Soest where the business became known as "De vlieg-uut". It went from strength to strength until a fatal accident in 1970 after which it was permanently closed. The designers and ceramicists specialised in small plates such as this commemorative one for Queen Juliana's accession to the throne following the abdication of her mother, Queen Wilhelmina.


The item recalls the joyful celebrations that took place in Septermber 1948 when Juliana accepted the throne from her mother Queen Wilhelmina. The Queen had reigned for 50 years including the period of 1940-45 (WWII) during which she carried out her duties from London. Juliana and her family resided in Ottawa, Canada during those years. To some extent this event was the final celebration of liberation from the tyranny of occupation and the welcoming back of the Royal family to Dutch soil.

Physical description

Decorative plate to commemorate Queen Juliana's ascension of the Dutch throne in 1948. The plate is meant to be hung and has a piece of string for this purpose inserted through the rim on the back of the plate.

Inscriptions & markings

The inscription reads: "Juliana Koningin 6 Sept.1948". On the back are the marks: "290KR." "BVK Soest" and "P.H.".
It is gaily painted in red, blue and green on an off-white background. The central scene is recognisably Amsterdam with church tower, stepped gables and Dutch flags. The border consists of a circle of red, white and blue flowers; leaves are green.