Historical information

This ash tray is a souvenir of the Olympic Games held in Melbourne in 1956. This was an important event in post World War Two Australia and the first time the Olympic Games had been held in the Southern Hemisphere. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the athletics events and some other events were held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. These were the first televised Olympic Games. To mark the occasion many souvenir items were produced for tourists and collectors.


This item is kept as a memento of the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, an event that interested and affected all Australians as it made Melbourne and Australia via press and television coverage etc. the centre of attention in the world at the time. It is also a memento that would no longer be made or sold today as cigarette smoking in general is no longer socially and medically acceptable. It will be useful for display.

Physical description

This is a plastic circular ash tray. It has a blue base with a multi-coloured image in the centre of the base of a map of Australia, an Olympic Games torch and the Olympic Games ring motifs. The printing is in white and the name of the maker is embossed on the back of the tray. There are three indents around the base for stubbing out the cigarettes.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Olympic Games Melbourne Australia 22 Nov. - 8 Dec. 1956’
‘British Plastics Pty Ltd Melbourne Reg. Des.’