Historical information

NNN - BALLAST HOPPER, This vehicle was built by the Tasmanian Govt. Railways in 1954 and classified QG. A number were obtained by the Puffing Billy Railway for use on ballast trains but to date, only two have been converted. When the first of these was converted for 2’6” gauge operation it kept the Tasmanian QG but with the addition of an N prefix, and also kept its Tasmanian number of 3. However, to follow traditional V.R. practice, in June 2003 it was reclassified to NNN and numbered 1 as the nearest counterpart on the V.R. was the broad-gauge NN. A second one, numbered 2, has since been converted. 1 NNN - Bogie Ballast Hopper Truck Service History Built 1954 Tasmanian Railways - QR 3 - Bogie Ballast Hopper Truck converted from a 3ft 6 inch (1,068 mm) gauge ex Tasmanian Railways ballast wagon by the Puffing Billy railway. Coupled Length 20 feet 0 inches (6100 mm) Weight 6 tons Capacity 10 tons Number Built Not known In use 1 To be restored 3 Puffing Billy Service History or Notes


Historic - Tasmanian Government Railways - 3 QG Bogie Ballast Hopper Truck Puffing Billy Railway - Track maintenance Vehicle - NNN - Bogie Ballast Hopper Truck

Physical description

1 NNN - Bogie Ballast Hopper Truck made of Steel and metal

Inscriptions & markings