Historical information

8 NB - 6 compartments (40)

Victorian Railways Service History
8 NB - passenger carriage
(PBPS Body only - currently no underframe)
21 Dec 1906 Built New at Newport Workshops - numbered classed as NBB 8.
Type: 2nd Class swing door carriage - 5 or 6 compartments
2'6" Bogie
[8W]: Eight Wheels (2 x Four Wheel bogies)
[CDG]: Continuous Draw Gear
[WHB]: Westinghouse Brake
circa 1910 - reclassed to NB 8
May 1926 - Modified with Automatic Couplers Malco
Oct 1928 - Modified with Automatic Couplers Malco Bottom Operated
16 Dec 1937 - Consigned as to be scrapped
19 Feb 1938 - Condemned
4 Mar 1938 - Scrapped & Broken Up - Condemned Rolling stock Book
Body to be offered for sale & underframe & bogies retained for use in construction of any additional NG trucks undertaken in near future.
Sold by V.R and privately bought and used in the construction of a house at 80 Dare Street, Ocean Grove

Puffing Billy Preservation Society Service History or Notes
Sept 2010 - Ocean Grove house demolition results in PBPS being contacted that there were two carriages (6 NB & 8 NB) in the house. PBPS arrange to buy the two carriages bodies from the Demolition company
Nov 2010 - Two carriages have been rescued from 80 Dare Street, Ocean Grove where they had been built into a house. Many people were involved in the move: thanks go to Raymond and Thelma Cotter for providing tarps to protect the cars from the elements.
Dec 2010 - Two carriages rescued from Ocean Grove are now at Emerald, one being a platform NB car (6NB) and the other 8 NB a 2nd Class swing door carriage. Minor refurbishment has taken place along with covering with Tarpaulins.
29 Jan 2020 - 8 NB - passenger carriage - Body only is moved by the PBPS Heritage Rolling Stock Committee from Emerald Station sidings and placed into storage in a warehouse at Officer to enable it to be investigated into its possible restoration.
29 Feb 2020 - investigation on the carriage by the PBPS Heritage Rolling Stock Committee found the number of the carriage 8 NB stamped on the inside of the side of the windows frames.
Current - At Officer


NB Class - Number Built (1st Series) 6
- Number Built (2nd Series) 17
- Number Built (3rd Series) 4

Historic - Victorian Railways Narrow Gauge - Passenger Rolling Stock: Passsenger carriage.
14 NB and this carriage (both of the 2nd Series) are the last known existing vehicles of this type out of the 17 built - maybe!.

Physical description

Passenger Rolling Stock: ? NB - Passenger carriage - Made of Timber
NB - 2nd Class swing door carriage - 5 compartments

Inscriptions & markings

number unknown ? NB