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DH 5 - Diesel Hydraulic locomotive

From the Collection of Puffing Billy Railway School Rd Menzies Creek Victoria

DH 5 Diesel Hydraulic locomotive
made of steel and metal
Length overall: 33' ( 10058 mm ) Width: 9' 3" ( 2819 mm ) Height overall : 12' 6 1⁄2" ( 3822 mm ) Roadworthy weight: 40T Gauge: 2' 6"
Object Registration
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Historical information
DH5 Diesel Hydraulic locomotive

The DH class was a class of diesel-hydraulic locomotives built by Walkers Limited, Maryborough for Queensland Railways between 1966 and 1974.
In 1966 Queensland Railways tested a Walkers Limited built diesel-hydraulic shunting locomotive. This was later purchased and by 1974 the 73 DH class locomotives had taken over shunting duties in most Queensland yards. They were also used on short distance freight services. With the closure of many freight yards and the move to longer trains withdrawals started in the 1980s. Many were sold for further use on Queensland sugar cane railways.

Locomotive's Queensland Railways Service History :
Locomotive : DH5 Serial No: 587 In Service : 27/08/1968 With drawn from Service : 7/07/1992

DH class
No. originally constructed : 74
No. in service : 2
No. stored :
Wheel arrangement : Bo-BoDH
Roadworthy weight : 40T
Maximum axle load : 10T
Tractive effort (85%)
Length overall: 33'
Height overall : 12' 6 1⁄2"
Driving wheel diameter : 36"
Date of manufacture :1970
Manufacturer :Walkers
Place of manufacture : Maryborough, Queensland
Locomotive type : Diesel Hydraulic

Built By - Walkers, Maryborough, Queensland

Service History
Date built - 1968
Original owner - Queensland Government Railways
Original gauge - 1067mm
Withdrawn -
Next owner - State Electricity Commission of Victoria

DH5 8/1968
Sold to SECV as CC2, In service 8-1993
Sold to Mackay Sugar

CC02 (Ex DH5). CC02 was purchased by Cooks Construction in 1992 and used on the 900mm Yallourn railway in Victoria.
Mackay Sugar purchased in 2001.

Title Value
Status Preserved - Operational
Gauge Narrow 2ft 6in (762mm)
Owners Puffing Billy Railway
Operators Puffing Billy Railway
Manufacturer Walkers Ltd - Maryborough, Queensland
Builders number 587
Associated locos Renumbered from CC02
Liveries carried
VR Blue & Gold

Puffing Billy Service History or Notes
Date acquired - 2008
Acquired from - Mackay Sugar Mill ?
State when acquired - Operational ?
Work done - Regauged, overhauled
Restored to service -
Current State - Operational

When Made
Made By
Walkers Ltd (Maker)
Historic - Queensland Railways - Diesel Hydraulic locomotive DH5
Inscriptions & Markings
DH 5
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