Physical description

Olinda girls practise the Maypole dance at 'Hillcrest' on Mernda Road in 1911.
From front left circling back are: Lois Lyons, Edie Jackson, Beth Barrow, Phyllis Murray, Amy Allen, Jessie Ebbels, Faith Beatty, Vera Devine, Maggie Schneider, Vera Watson, Hope Barrow, Dolly Witt.
The descriptive text on the reverse of this photograph was hand written by John Lundy-Clarke.

Inscriptions & markings

Olinda girls practicing the maypole dance under the direction of Vera Devine at the Devine’s home “Hillcrest” Mernda Road.
Left to right from front circling
1. Lois Lyons
2. Edie Jackson
3. Beth Barrow
4. Phyllis Murray
5. Amy Allen
6. Jessie Ebbels
7. Faith Beatty
8. Vera Devine
9. Maggie Schneider
10. Vera Watson
11. Hope Barrow
12. Dolly Witt head just showing over ribbon on left.
From Mrs A Dodd (Vera Devine) Copied by J.L.C. 1974