Historical information

This book is a first edition of the Warrnambool Council-sponsored official history of Warrnambool. It was written by the professional historian, C.E. Sayers. He had access at the time to the notes, photographs, radio talks and other writings of the former WarrnamboolTown Clerk and noted historian, Henri Worland.


This book is of great importance as the chief comprehensive historical work published about Warrnambool since Vidler’s ‘Warrnambool Past and Present’ published in 1907. Even though a second edition of this book was published in 1987 this edition is still very important as it contains several photographs and some textual references not included in the later book. This edition is therefore still useful today and copies of it are not easy to find now.

Physical description

This is a hard cover book of 190 pages. The cover has a photograph in sepia tones of men road-making, with the same photograph back and front. The book has a plastic cover. This has a cream background with red and black lettering and a coloured image of the Warrnambool City Council crest on the front. An early map of the Warrnambool township has been reproduced on the inside of the cover, back and front. The book has a foreword, an introduction, 21 chapters of text, notes and appendices.