Historical information

This Bible was owned by John Glasgow, a Wangoom farmer. His father, Robert, settled in Blackwood Hill near Wangoom in the 1850s. John Glasgow was a celebrated cheesemaker who won many prizes locally and overseas and a Warrnambool Shire Councillor from 1880 to 1886 and from 1892 to 1906. He was a Sunday School teacher at the Wangoom Presbyterian Church for 50 years and an Elder for 42 years. The book contains the names and birth dates of the extended Glasgow family and the names include Linnett, Glasgow, Coulstock and Anderson.


This Bible is of considerable interest because of its connection to the John Glasgow and other members of his family.

Physical description

This is a leather-covered book with gold lettering on the spine. The cover overlaps the pages for extra protection. The pages are gilt-edged. One page has come apart from the binding and several other pages are partly detached from the spine. All the inscriptions are hand-written in black ink. One is a religious verse which has been pasted on to the inside of the front cover and on another page are listed the names and birth dates of 18 members of the Glasgow extended family. The book and cover are very tatty and stained.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Mr J. Glasgow, Wangoom, 26.7.99’