Historical information

Baker and Grocer store, cnr. Main Road and York Street, Eltham, early 1900s.
Sign on side of building "Baker, Grocer & Summer Drinks"

This image appears to be of the baker/grocery store after it was purchased in 1902 by Mrs Sarah Burgoyne and her husband, John James Thomas Burgoyne. It is possible that Mrs Sarah Burgoyne is the lady in front of the store with her eldest daughter, Charlotte and youngest son, James. Another daughter (Frances) and the family dog are watching from the doorway.

In 1902 Mrs Sarah Burgoyne purchased from Wilfred Henry Johnston, the property on the southern corner of Main Road and York Street, Eltham, which consisted of a store and bakery establishment occupied by Mr. Luther Haley whose lease had expired around the same time. Mr. Haley had not been prepared to leave as he was unable to secure at Eltham a suitable house in which to carry on his business. Wilfred Johnston applied for an eviction of Hayley, which was heard at Eltham Courthouse in August 1902. Hayley advised he was building a place near the railway station which he expected to be done in about three weeks’ time. The court gave him the three weeks to vacate. Hayley’s new premises near the station became the present shopping district’s first shop and he ran it successfully till 1917 when the family moved to Clifton Hill, and he became a publisher. Their eldest child Leslie drowned in the Diamond Creek in early 1904, aged 12.

Physical description

Sepia photograph mounted on card