Historical information

Folder Contents
1. Pam Thoonan (nee Ingram)
1.1. Family tree of Pamela Thoonan; Descendant of Teagle and Ingram
1.2. Descendants of George Ingram 1747
1.3. Descendants of William Ingram 1836
1.4. Family of William George Grove Ingram 1861
1.5. Family of Evan Thomas Ingram 1867
1.6. Family/descendants of Henry Teagle 1838
1.7. Family of John Thomas Teagle
1.8. Notes on Esau Key
1.9. Descendants of John Key 1687
1.10. Descendants/family of Robert Fielding 1817
1.11. Descendants of Margaret Crenny, died 1946
1.12. My grandpa John Ingram (Written by Grace Burrows)
1.13. Ten in the bed; story of William Ingram family of Birmingham, England
1.14. Copies of newspaper articles about Harry Ingram, Baker of Kidderminster, England
1.15. Copy (2000) In Memory of Lester Neil Ingram, Commonwealth War Graves Commission
1.16. Recollections by Pam Thoonen regarding her stepfather Eddy Fielding and father Kenneth Douglas Ingram including information about the 39th Australian Infantry Battalion (1941-1943) and the Kokoda Track
1.17. Copy of letter to Jack and Ada Ingram from mother P Ingram of Kidderminster – transcript sent to Pam Thoonen by Grace Burrows, 2006
1.18. Letter from Val (Waller nee Feldbauer) to Tom Fielding 30 June 2016
1.19. Notes handwritten believed to be about guests attending Rose Fieldings 62nd birthday at Bentleigh Public Hall, Centre Road, East Bentleigh in 1973 – see photo EDHS_05850
1.20. Copy of photo of Wedding Party of Margaret Rose to Kenneth Douglas Ingram 1935 and newspaper report “Romantic Circle; Ingram – Teagle” The Advertiser 26 July 1935, p2
1.21. Five pages of photocopied photos and recollections by Pam Thoonen of attending a concert at Festival Hall
1.22. Three photos of headstones for John Thomas Teagle and Margaret Teagle, Violet Feldbauer, Edna May and Charles Louis Layfield
1.23. Two pages typed of trivia concerning old expressions and their origins from the 1500s
2. Grace Burrows (nee Ingram – now deceased) contact details at Dunolly with notes that Ingrams arrived at Research around 1900

Item 1 held in digital format only

Physical description

Folder of information on Ingram family of Research in mix of digital and hard copy format