Historical information

The School Endowment Plantation Scheme was established in 1922 as a joint venture between the Education Department and the FCV. It was administered by the Education Department with technical supervision by the Commission. While some plantations were established on private land donated or leased for the purpose, most were established on Crown Lands or Reserved Forest made available, without cost, by the State. (https://www.victoriasforestryheritage.org.au/community/schools.html, accessed 26 September 2020)

Throughout the Nerrina district numerous areas of public land were set aside as school endowment plantations as part of various schools’ educational resources. The plantations were initially established to instil through community involvement a love of forests and an appreciation of their value, and in fact many of them are well suited for regular use as a teaching resource of this nature. It was expected that this use will increase as courses embracing various aspects of environmental science are developed. Many school plantations have been planted to radiata pine, and revenue from the sale of produce used to provide amenities required by the schools. In some cases, however, these plantations have not been very successful in providing revenue, as the sites are unsuitable for economic growth or the plantations are too small or the location too far from processing centres to allow economic harvesting. In some instances, radiata pine plantations have failed due to poor management.
In 1982 the Land Conservation Council believed that all the existing plantations should be assessed in order to establish their value as a teaching resource. Those not needed or that are unsuitable for teaching purposes for some reason, such as their location, should be terminated. Those planted to radiata pine that have limited value as a teaching resource although satisfactory for wood production may continue to be used for such production, but should be reviewed when the pines are harvested. (http://www.veac.vic.gov.au/reports/354-Ballarat-Study-Area.pdf, acccessed 30/03/2017)

Physical description

Three A3 page covenant outlining the 35 acres of Crown Land in the Parish Of Ballarat, County of Grenville, to be granted under permissive occupancy for the establishment of a school plantation to be known as the Ballarat Technical School Endowment Plantation, and two letters relating to same, one on green paper.

The Ballarat Technical School Endowment Plantation was at Vale Park, Ballarat. Vale Park is near Norman Street, Ballarat.