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Programme - Western District Orchestra

From the Collection of Warrnambool and District Historical Society Inc. 2 Gilles Street (south of Merri St) Warrnambool Victoria

These are two sheets of paper folded to make one cover and four pages of printed material. The cover is pink with borders, some ornamental, forming the text boxes that separate the concert information from advertisements for two Warrnambool businesses. The programme details are printed on the white paper inside the cover and include two advertisements. The programme has been stapled but the metal staple has been removed. The programme is slightly torn on the cover edges.
W 14.2 cm. H 22.5 cm. D cm.
Object Registration
warrnambool orchestral society, louis bayer, robert watkin-mills, eduard parlovitz
Historical information
This is the programme of a concert staged by the Warrnambool Orchestral Society, probably in 1904, in the Warrnambool Town Hall. As well as the Warrnambool Orchestra conducted by Louis Bayer, the concert featured Watkin Mills, Eduard Parlovitz and the Western District Orchestra. Louis Bayer (1857-1907) was born in Germany and came to Warrnambool in 1891. With his wife he taught piano, violin, orchestration and singing and established the Warrnambool Orchestral Society. Bayer was the Musical Director of the 1896-7 Warrnambool Industrial and Art Exhibition, composing the Cantata for the opening ceremony and directing over 60 musical performances, including 22 operas and many concerts. Bayer was a composer and produced many operas, including one called ‘Federation’. Robert Watkin-Mills (1849-1930) was the leading English bass baritone concert performer of his time. He was successful in Britain, U.S.A. and Canada and moved to Canada in 1914. He toured Australia in 1904 and again in 1905. Eduard Parlovitz was a distinguished Polish pianist.
When Made
This programme is of great significance as an example of a 1904 concert produced under the direction of Louis Bayer, one of the most important musicians in Warrnambool’s history. The concert also featured two internationally-known artists, demonstrating that in 1904 Warrnambool was a venue for the top musicians of the day.
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