Physical description

.1) Copy of a Ballarat Railway Plan, running along Belford Street, from the Engineer in Chief's Office, Railway Department. It shows bridges, diversions, culverts and the following streets: Joseph Street, Lal Lal Street, Clayton Street, Belford Street, Rodier Street, trench Street, Stawell Street, Rodier Street, Belford Street, George Street, Eureka Street, Queen Street, Otway Street, Scott Parade, Ross Street, Chamberlain Street, Victoria Street, Water Street. Allotments owned by Tulloch and McLaren, J. Wilson, J. McCarthy, Mrs P. Glynn, E. Ratcliffe, soap works, Orphan Asylum .2) Copy of a plan relating to the construction of the Ballarat Railway Line. It includes shafts for the following companies: South Extended Co, Black Hill; Parade Co.; Black Hill Co.; Spanhake Co. Shaft; Black Hill South Co.; Wellingtonia Gigantiea Co., and the old workings of the Welllingtonia Gigantea Co,