Historical information

This is an early school reader and the name, ‘B. Morris’, suggests that it belonged to Bruce Morris, the editor of the Warrnambool Standard newspaper from 1946 to 1968. Bruce Morris was prominent in Warrnambool as the writer of a great number of historical articles in the Warrnambool Standard and as a passionate supporter of regional Victoria. He was the son of Frederick and Sarah Morris and the grandson of George Lance, prominent in 19th century Warrnambool as a plumber, inventor, musician, artist and writer. Lance is regarded as the founder of the Warrnambool Art Gallery. Bruce Morris helped to establish the Warrnambool Rostrum Club.


This book is of interest because it is an early 20th century example of a school reading book. If it belonged to Bruce Morris then it is of greater interest. Bruce Morris rates with Richard Osburne, Edward Vidler and Henri Worland as a significant promoter of, and writer on, Warrnambool’s history.

Physical description

This is a soft cover book of 16 pages. It has a pinkish-red cover with a black and white illustration of The Three Bears story on the front cover and the titles in black print. The back cover has advertisements for other books by the same publisher (Macmillan and Co.). The inscription and some other writing on the front cover are handwritten in blue ink. The cover is a little faded and has partly come away from the pages.

Inscriptions & markings