Historical information

This school reader was used by Edmond and Mary Grace at Laang State School. Laang is in the Western District and is eight kilometres from Garvoc and ten kilometres from Panmure. The Laang State School opened in 1875 with a new building being erected in 1876 and additions being added in 1889. The school is now closed. Edmond Morgan Grace was born to William and Mary Grace in 1886 and died in 1953. Mary was his sister. Charles Hider, with his brother James, were early settlers in Warrnambool and both ran book shops in the town.


This book is of moderate interest as an example of a late 19th century school reader and as one used at Laang State School by the Grace family.

Physical description

This is a brown hard cover book of 398 pages. The cover has an embossed patterning and lettering. The binding has come apart and has been mended with white adhesive tape. Some pages at the front and back are missing. The book has a contents page and three sections of text. There are many black and white illustrations. The inscription is handwritten in blue ink. The cover is somewhat faded and rubbed and some pages are stained. There is a printed label of the seller of the book pasted onto the inside of the front cover.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Edmond M. Grace Laang State School’ ‘Mary Grace Laang S.S.’ ‘C.Hider Opposite Court House Warrnambool’